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Monday, May 6, 2019

Once More Unto The Breach...

The new fuel pump we recently installed when we replaced the new sending unit in KARR's fuel tank was defective.  It worked but it made a horrible constant high-pitched whine.  It was driving me crazy and made KARR unbearable to drive.  Even with my music cranked, the whine was persistent.  I did some troubleshooting with The Fiero Store where I bought the fuel pump as well as with my mechanic friend Troy.  The Fiero Store suggested the pump was just noisy and not actually defective.  Troy took one listen and agreed with me that it was a bad fuel pump.  I decided to go with my gut feeling and buy a new fuel pump.  I went with a Bosch, which was Troy's recommendation.

I also noticed KARR's starter had been hesitating lately and would not start on every try.  I decided to replace the starter when I replaced the fuel pump.

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Upgrading KARR's Exterior Lights To LED, Part 2

Today I continued upgrading KARR's exterior lights to LED.  As you can see, KARR is quite pleased.