Sunday, November 24, 2019

A Surprise In The Mail

I received a surprise package in the mail Friday.

Wow! I cannot believe that someone bought this for me! Somebody else obviously shares my love for KARR and the Fiero! 😍😎

When I added this flag to my Amazon wish list, I had planned to hang it on the garage door.  I did not realize at the time, but hanging a flag on your garage door is actually a popular thing to do.  I discovered this while researching ways to safely hang it on the garage door.

I used two magnets at the top corners wired to the grommets and two magnets at the bottom corners of the flag as there were no grommets on the bottom.

As the garage door goes up, the flag actually goes slack.  As the panels bend, the distance from the top of the flag to the bottom of the flag decreases.  This way the flag will not stretch out of shape. 

Here is what the flag looks like when the garage door is open.

KARR also got a bath today because tomorrow he gets his snow tires.  Can you say fun in the snow?! 😁

Doesn't my new flag look awesome?

There was no identifying information with the package, so I can only assume the person that bought me this flag saw it on my Amazon wish list.  To that person: Thank you so much!  You literally made my day!  I will see this every time I back KARR out of the garage!

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