Saturday, July 25, 2020

Jonathan's Garage Flags

I have been waiting for Jonathan to do a post about the garage flags I got him, but since he has not... I am going to. :)  Both these flags were Christmas presents from me to Jonathan last Christmas.

The Fiero GT flag hangs behind KARR and the Pontiac flag hangs behind KITT.

Here is the Fiero GT flag.  Because it is such a light color it shows water spots very easily when it gets wet (and it gets wet every time the garage door goes up or down when it is raining).  It cleans up very nicely though so the light color is really okay.  To clean the flag, I dilute a non-toxic cleaner with water and spray the cleaning mixture on the flag.  Then I rinse it with straight water and let it dry.  It really looks nice when it is clean.

Jonathan has the top of the flag hung with strong magnets.

We have tried a few different ways of hanging the Fiero GT flag, and this method seems to be working the best thus far.  The flag does not have any grommets on the bottom, so Jonathan used black clips with string and then stretched the flag out until it was flat against the garage door and hooked the string down with magnets.  It has not come loose yet and it keeps the flag very nice and straight.

This is the Pontiac flag that hangs behind KITT in the garage.

Jonathan hung it with strong magnets just like the Fiero GT flag.

The Pontiac flag is a little longer than the Fiero GT flag, so Jonathan was able to adhere the bottom to the garage door with just magnets.  This flag does not show dirt and water spots because of its color and material, and I am a bit partial to this one.  (Don't tell KARR I like KITT's flag better!)

Both of these flags are from Amazon.  Jonathan has an Amazon wish list for both KARR and KITT.

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